Thoughts and concepts about various aspects of English Horn playing

My top ten recital pieces for English Horn and Piano

In response to many requests for recital repertoire suggestions, I have listed below ten pieces for English Horn and Piano that I particularly enjoy performing. In addition, these pieces represent a wide variety of musical styles which can create an interesting recital program, both for the performers and the audience. Needless to say, there are many other wonderful and interesting pieces for English Horn and Piano that program well on recitals. 

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My English Horn set-up

Since I have received numerious inquiries about my English Horn set-up, I have written a few sentences to clear up any confusion.

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New English Horn staples from Mark Chudnow

From Mark Chudnow: a truly innovative new English Horn reedmaking product  

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A few words about plastic tubing on English Horn staples

What follows are a few things to consider with regard to this topic.

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